The Americas

The Americas promise life-changing journeys for the growing number of superyachts setting out on the Great Southern Route.

Seal Superyachts opens in Costa Rica

Increased yachting interest in the Central American country has prompted the investment.


Hats off to Panama

From world-class fishing to white-sand beaches and countless wonders...

Pacific crossing

Crossing the South Pacific is a dream of many, yet one that is not short on...


What you need to know about the countries you want to visit, the regulations and changes that affect our industry, and all the latest developments in technology.

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Firsthand knowledge on each destination from those who have been before – essential reading for anyone embarking on the adventure of a lifetime.

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The ocean is meant to be explored. Discover pristine, perfect and sometimes surprising locations and get to know the Great Southern Route in your own time.

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All the articles, inspiration and information you need to research the Great Southern Route and plan an unforgettable journey.

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