Wallis and Futuna

WALLIS AND FUTUNA are two island groups separated by 150 miles of ocean in the central South Pacific, located about two-thirds of the way from Hawaii to New Zealand, at 13°18’S, 176°12’W. A French overseas territory consisting of two groups of islands in the southwest Pacific Ocean west of Samoa and slightly off the route (northeast) of Fiji.

Since 1959 they have been joined together as a French overseas territory. Wallis is located 240km northeast of Futuna and Alofi islands. Together with some 15 smaller islands surrounding it, on its huge barrier reef, it forms the Wallis archipelago. The pass into the lagoon at Wallis is relatively easy to negotiate and there are several anchorages, the most popular and best protected being at Gahi Bay.

There are also several small islets in the lagoon which can be used as day anchorages. Wallis Island has a jet capable airport. Wallis Island and Futuna Island are truly an unspoiled cruising destination.

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