TAIWAN is a country (also known as Formosa meaning “beautiful (island)” located in East Asia off the coast of Mainland China, SW of the main islands of Japan but directly west of the end of Japan’s Ryukyu Islands, and NNW of the Philippines. It is bound to the east by the Pacific Ocean, to the south by the South China Sea and the Luzon Strait, to the west by the Taiwan Strait and to the north by the East China Sea.

The island is 394 km (245 miles) long and 144 km (89 miles) wide and consists of steep and rugged mountains covered by tropical and subtropical vegetation in the east and the flat to gently rolling plains in the west that are also home to most of Taiwan’s population.

Amongst the number of scenic areas that can be visited, Penghu comprises 64 islets scattered around the Taiwan Strait and affords spectacular views. Located in Pacific Ocean SE of Taiwan, Lanyu and Green Island offer the enjoyment of nature environment, whale spotting and scuba diving. Other highlights include fantastic rock formations at Tungyin, archaeological site at Zoujhen, mud springs of Guanzihling, a number National Parks and ecotourism, and the opportunity to experience the arts and culture of the 5,000-yr Chinese history at the National Palace Museum. Having a well developed indigenous yacht and shipbuilding industry, repair facilities are widely available in Taiwan. There are slipways in all ports and local boatyards offer a whole range of services.

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