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Welcome from the Publisher

Take flight from the everyday…

Turn your sights to the south

“You do not ask a seagull why it needs to disappear from time to time toward the open sea.
It goes, that’s all.”

Bernard Moitessier
solo around-the-world yachtsman

Welcome aboard the third edition of The Great Southern Route Cruising Guide!
GSR as its known is compiled and published by Ocean Media – also the publishers of Ocean magazine – from our golden Australian shores. For those special yacht owners and captains who look beyond immediate horizons to voyages far beyond the norm, the GSR will help guide you every step of the way to the Antipodes, from either of the two globally prolific, and crowded, cruising grounds of the Caribbean and Mediterranean.

The two great canals are the eastern and western gateways of the extensive coverage provided in The Great Southern Route cruising guide. This third edition includes updated contacts and cruising advice on some 80 “stepping stone” destinations along the way, so that undertaking such an exciting voyage is no more than a series of steps – cruising from destination to destination.

This third edition of GSR has been thoroughly updated over the last year and will be current for 2012-2013-2014. Spinning the compass from the easterly direction of travel presented in the prior two editions, which previously commenced with Suez, this time we set our sights towards the setting sun on our great voyage of exploration, starting with the Panama Canal passage emerging from the Pacific West Coast of the Americas. GSR cruises the length of the West Coast of the Americas from Alaska to the tip of Chile, and for the most adventurous of all private yachts, beyond to the frozen natural wonderland of Antarctica.
We then turn our bows west, setting course to cross the great expanse and amazing natural destinations of the island-dotted Pacific Ocean, en route to the Great Southern Land of Australia – the island continent – and the exotic spices of Asia and beyond across the Indian Ocean to Africa, the Middle East and Suez. Along the voyage, nation-to-nation, port-to-port you can chart your own course and speed, setting sail to visit some of the most exotic destinations imagined. It’s not only the tropical warmth that will have you spellbound but also the hearts and smiles of the island peoples of the Pacific and Indian Oceans, little affected by the worries of the western world beyond.

Now five years on from the original GSR, launched to the yachting world at Monaco Yacht Show in 2007, this latest version of “GSR” is much more than a superficial update. The second edition, current for 2010/11, dramatically expanded the range of great southern destinations to include the East and South African coast, northeastern Asia, and the entire west coast of the Americas. The third edition updates all key contacts in every destination and refreshes the first-hand cruising advice, from captain-to captain, so vital to the master of any vessel. Feedback from prior editions suggests that up-to-date Captain’s Log features are well read by their peers, so we have added and refined many such editorials to relate their most valuable experiences and advice. In doing so we have retained many excellent Captain’s Log features from the original editions, but by and large have changed the view, providing new insights from a spectrum of regarded yacht captains cruising such diverse waters.

The Great Southern Route originally came about as a direct response to the enquiries of so many owners and captains of large yachts with whom we had spoken.
“We would love to visit Australia and the corals of the Outer Great Barrier Reef”, they said. “I hear that the Sydney Harbour New Year’s Eve fireworks are the best in the world!”
“Is it true that if every day you were to visit a new island in the Asian archipelagos it would take the rest of your life”?
“I’ve heard that New Zealand is described as the whole world in one country. I’d like to see that!”
“The romance of the South Seas, how I’d love to cruise the Tahitian or Fiji Islands!” And it goes on…

In recent years there has been great interest in voyaging further afield, south of the Equator, with a tenfold increase in yachts visiting these regions, once considered beyond the cruising horizon. As superyachts have become larger and more capable of long ocean passages, so too has there been ever greater interest in exploring the Southern Hemisphere.

But such a voyage is not only an option for large yachts with ocean crossing range. There are various yacht carriers serving the Pacific from America and opening up southeasterly routes across the Indian Ocean from Europe, bringing even the furthest and most exotic cruising destinations well within reach of smaller motor and sailing yachts.
Whether previous copies of the Great Southern Route are on your nautical bookshelf, on the chart table or in the study, this latest edition will open your eyes to a whole new world of unexplored cruising opportunities. The extensive information available to you through these 300 pages is thoroughly researched, providing key contacts with superyacht experience in every listed destination, spanning two-thirds of the globe. The firsthand advice, captain to captain, on what to expect when contemplating a cruise to some of the most isolated destinations on Earth you will find invaluable.

With over 6,000 superyachts cruising globally, with the vast majority of these yachts still just sailing the familiar waters of the Mediterranean and Caribbean, this guide will help you see the world from an entirely different perspective.

As an old sea dog who has been around “the block” (the world) a few times related to us recently, often in life it is not what you have to live through but how you live through it that matters.

So, we encourage you to escape the familiar. Set a new course beyond the everyday. Seek out new destinations and experiences, and the very act will reward all aboard, owners and crew, forever changing the way you see the world around you.

Hillary Buckman

Managing Director / Ocean Media