Welcome for Yacht Owners

Dear Yacht Owner,

Welcome to the Great South Route Edition 3.

This guide is to tempt you to take your yacht into some of the most wondrous destinations in the world. It is to cajole you to break the shackles that seem to want to keep your wonderful world-capable yacht confined to an evermore crowded and evermore mediocre circuit of over-stuffed ports and anchorages within the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

GSR 3 is to remind you why you bought a yacht in the first place. Wasn’t it to take your experiences beyond what you could gain by other means? Wasn’t it to engage with the marine environment in a way that just staying in a coastal resort does not allow? Wasn’t it to wake up somewhere totally new and just stand in awe at the wonder around you?

I am going to be bold here and say I don’t think you bought your yacht to anchor a long way from an overused dock and be frustrated by the wake of passing tenders. You did not buy your yacht to be told yet again by your Captain he could not gain dockage where and when you wanted it.

The guide is to make you look at your yacht differently. Possibly viewing your yacht the way you did when it was only an idea. When your passion was not dulled by the endless talk of maintenance periods and crew turnover. When you saw your yacht as a means to adjust your own way of life. Didn’t you once mention that you might just take that year off and sail with the yacht? If you didn’t say it I am sure you thought it.

While thoughts are the place where dreams begin. To embark on any of the many and varied itinerary options shown within GSR 3 should be done with open eyes. You will need to acknowledge your yacht will operate differently when anchored in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands than when in front of Cannes. You will behave differently and your crew will relate to you differently, and you may drive that tender you always wanted to. You might kick around in some crew uniform with the chefs as they check out the local market in Tioman.

Your calendar must soften, airports do not operate on the daily schedules of Nice and St Maarten and you may be offline more than once. You will need to spend more time on your yacht and do so at a less hectic pace than what you are used to. Are these so bad?
I know as you are reading this that the thought is already in your mind. I know that already you are thinking maybe it is time to trade the hard fought reservation at Eden Roc for the solace of a fire pit sunset beach BBQ in Kota Kinabulu. If my assumption is correct Dear Yacht Owner then I do hope our paths cross somewhere on The Great Southern Route. Maybe we can view a fire sky sunset together and just for a moment think on what Oskar Speck and Joshua Slocum might have thought if you had kept your wonderful yacht and crew tethered and not allowed them their head to live the pages of GSR 3.

Captain Brendan O’Shannassy
MY Vava II