Pitcairn Island

THE PITCAIRN ISLANDS form the south easternmost extension of the geological archipelago of the Tuamotus of French Polynesia, and consist of: Pittcairn Island, Oeno Island (atoll with 5 islets), Henderson Island and Ducie Island (atoll with 4 islets). Only three square miles of land, with steep cliffs all around, the sole anchorage is at Bounty Bay which is tenable only in settled weather.

Pitcairn is the least populated jurisdiction in the world, and is a dependency of Britain and is the last remaining in the Pacific. Only Pitcairn Island is inhabited and is accessible only by boat through Bounty Bay. Henderson Island supports a rich variety of animals in its nearly inaccessible interior. It is also capable of supporting a small human population, but access is difficult, its outer shores comprising steep limestone cliffs of sharp coral.

The islands have only about 48 inhabitants (from nine families). Supply ships are supposed to call three or four times a year but there is no regular service. Between 20 and 30 smaller sailing yachts stop at Pitcairn every year, where a warm welcome awaits the cruising sailor who calls at this remote community, whose entire history has been intrinsically bound up with the sea. The anchorage in Bounty Bay is exposed. Everyone leaves Pitcairn with unforgettable memories of having been hosted by one of the most isolated communities in the world.

Superyacht Services

There are no superyacht or other
marine facilities on Pitcairn Islands.

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