From the Editor

I have great pleasure in again presenting to you the third edition of Great Southern Route (GSR).

GSR has earned its place as the indispensable handbook for Masters of Superyachts charged with undertaking a voyage to any part of the great expanse of the world that lies west of the Caribbean and east of the Mediterranean.

It is not a periodical; GSR is an indispensable nautical publication that now resides in its proper place on the bookshelf in the superyacht’s chartroom or captain’s office.
This unique publication fills a niche so desperately needed in this day and age when Superyacht Masters are tasked with taking their vessels to the far regions of the world to places they and many others have perhaps never before been.

From the moment a superyacht owner instructs his captain to prepare to take his yacht to a far distant land, a superyacht captain faces the daunting task of very quickly providing to his owner some confident guarantee that his yacht can in fact make the voyage, that there are suitable services and facilities available at the destination and that once there, he can provide his owner with the quality experience he is expecting.

GSR is his first ‘go to’ tool that provides that captain with instant reference to the main information he will be looking for; distances between ports, marinas, fuel, superyacht agents, and crucially, expert local knowledge from other captains who have sailed that area before.

In this edition we have reversed the order and now start our presentation of the Great Southern Route countries with the Panama Canal and Pacific before moving westward to Suez.

We cover issues such as transiting the canals, preparing for pirates and anticipating the arrival formalities in many countries. We showcase the cruising regions, the best ports and marinas and provide you with a link to the necessary service providers that will support you throughout your journey.

Each port has been researched and compiled by experienced superyacht captains for superyacht captains.
GSR features articles by different superyacht captains who have travelled the route. They have commanded some of the world’s most significant yachts, and many of whom will be known to you personally.
These captains have blazed the Great Southern Route for you; they have discovered the best places, made the best contacts, and learned who are the best suppliers, agents, marinas and ports. They have learned the tips and tricks that only firsthand experience can provide.

These professionals have faced the same challenges and had the same requirements and expectations as you: to deliver a very high level of service to their owners and guests. And now they are passing on their lessons and local knowledge to you, exclusively in the Great Southern Route.

Happy Sailing!

Captain Richard Morris
Master Mariner